Convenient firmware upgrade

Support USB online firmware upgrade and GUI graphical user interface upgrade.

Rich HDMI inline audio format

Supports multiple audio formats such as PCM, Dobly, Digital, DTS, and DTS-HD.

Automatic identification of multiple resolutions

Support 1080P, 4Kx2K resolution video access automatic identification.

Rich signal port

4x2 HDMI port, 4x4 IR port, 4 HDBaseT output ports (PoC support), 4 analog audio output ports.

HDBaseT transmission standard

Support HDBaseT transmission standard, support PoC function, with long-distance transmission, high transmission rate and cable economy advantage over HDMI.

Long-distance transmission capability

Thanks to the HDBaseT transmission standard, the maximum distance of a single CAT5e HDBaseT 1080P signal is 70m, and the maximum distance of a 4Kx2K signal is 35m.

Powerful compatibility

Support HDMI 1.4, support 4Kx2K, and support 3D signals, compatible with HDCP 1.4 standard.

Diverse and flexible control methods

Support button panel control, RS232 control protocol, two-way infrared transmission and reception, TCP/IP computer GUI graphics management.


Serial port : 9 - RS232 HDMI audio : Support PCM, Dobly... Transmission standard : HDBaseT, support PoC

Infrared control : IR Receiver / Extended Hot plug : Support HDBaseT, HDMI Protocol processing : EDID management

HDCP : automatic / manual Agreement type : TCP/IP Resolution : 1080P/4Kx2K/Auto

Consumption : 48W maximum Power : DC24V 2.5A, power-off memory Weight : 2.0Kg

Temperature : -10 ~ +40°C Operating HUM : 10% ~ 90% Material : metal shell

Carton size : 436*235*44mm


This product is a matrix switcher with integrated HDBaseT technology. The input signals supported are: 4 HDMI video signals and 4 infrared signals. Supported output signals are: 4 HDBaseT video signals, 2 local HDMI video signals, 4 infrared signals, 4 digital audio signals, 4 analog audio signals; support for 4Kx2K video signals; HDBaseT port supports PoC function. This product supports EDID learning and manual setting functions, and can realize bidirectional IR and RS232 communication with the remote end. Product control methods are flexible and flexible, and can be controlled by supporting remote control, front panel button control, infrared control, RS232 serial port control, GUI graphical user interface control.

Traditional Matrix - Presentation Switcher

SDR-UHBT44-N 4K T HDBaseT Matrix Switcher 2019 / 04 / 15 2.24M



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