SCHIDERON was founded in the United States in 2005, has been committed to the virtual cloud IoT platform technology and edge computer technology, and successfully cooperated with Procur, for the North American McDonald's, KFC, Burger King and other catering giants to create a virtual cloud refrigerated truck Monitoring platform and equipment.

In 2013, with the rapid adoption of Internet of Things technology in Asia, the company officially relocated headquarter to Hong Kong to established Schideron Asia, our outstanding and innovative R&D team located in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei, Guangzhou and Zhuhai.
The team, focusing on the field of control, software and hardware development of intelligent products, with the experience of cloud-based IoT platform technology, its own strong R&D strength, and expertise in the field of intelligence, adopting world-leading technology, freely custom-made design, artificial intelligent and ultra-reliable central control system, hotel intelligent system, and lighting control system provide professional intelligent products and integrated solutions for residential, commercial buildings, hotels and other industries around the world.
The system equipment is designed to ensure years of trouble-free use, it will work even in the harshest environments. At the same time, Schideron has been continuously developing large-data-based cloud platform technology, embedded edge computing technology, and microcontroller control technology, and developed application software and solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Schideron has set up sales and service offices in 15 cities such as Hong Kong, Taipei, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Chongqing, Xian, and Singapore so far to provide our Asian customers with the most complete services. At the same time, the production is based in mainland China and Taiwan to provide the highest quality products. 

Our vision is to substantially provide the total smart solutions for your needs in different fields.

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