Schideron Electric, founded in Hong Kong in 2011, is an innovation pioneer in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, adhering to the core philosophy of "smartening millions of spaces, warming billions of users." The company is dedicated to developing cutting-edge IoT solutions aimed at deepening the integration between traditional industries and modern information technology. Its flagship product, the XEndue IoT framework, not only represents the forefront of IoT technology but also demonstrates Schideron Electric's determination to provide easy-to-deploy, high-efficiency, customizable IoT applications across various industries. This effort is in line with its commitment to intelligently transform millions of spaces and enhance the experiences of billions of users.
The XEndue IoT framework, with its outstanding connectivity, flexible data handling capabilities, and advanced security measures, establishes a stable, reliable, and scalable IoT ecosystem. This framework meets the needs across a wide range of domains, from smart spaces to smart buildings, and onto smart cities, enabling precise data collection, instant information interaction, and smart decision-making support. It empowers enterprises to unlock the value of data, accelerate smart transformation, and create valuable data assets.
Schideron does not merely pursue technological innovation and breakthroughs; it also focuses on creating sustainable value for customers. The design philosophy of the XEndue IoT framework is deeply rooted in a profound understanding and research of various industries, ensuring the solutions provided meet the actual needs of users accurately, drive continuous industry progress, and shape a smarter, more efficient future. This philosophy and ongoing effort reflect Schideron Electric's status as an industry leader and its firm commitment to advancing technological development and innovation, aiming for the widespread adoption of smart spaces and achieving deep satisfaction among billions of users.

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