Technology meets fashion and humanity !

[Case] Beijing-Zunyue·Guanghua Pavilion project landing

Beijing-Zunyue·Guanghua Pavilion is integrated into the schideron smart home system. The traditional house has been upgraded to a safe, comfortable, convenient and efficient smart high-end real estate.

[Case] Taiwan Red Code Hotel Apartment is delivered to the ground!

Recently, Taipei's top property, Red Code Hotel Apartment has been completed and delivered!

Smart knobs, beautiful !

Schideron intelligent temperature control knob panel will give different operation modes according to different types of air conditioners. Users only need to rotate the knobs in the left and right direction to adjust, you can easily master the home environment control equipment >>

SCHIDERON and Haimeidi deep docking Pocket play your home theater!

Under the background of mutual penetration and cooperation and win-win in the era of mobile internet, SCHIDERON intelligent system officially completed deep docking with Haimeidi. The SCHIDERON intelligent system is connected to the V3, V3C, H10, H1000, HD920B and other models of Haimeidi products >>

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