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Main function introduction

Pandora series keypad panel is a cost-effective and standardized keypad solution provided by SCHIDERON. It features configurable smart keys, allowing easy installation into a standard 86-type junction box. The intelligent keypad panel, operating at a safe voltage, can be effortlessly mounted on the wall as an integral part of a complete smart control system. Pandora panel offers a variety of colors suitable for different occasions or personal preferences. It also provides different key options and supports a voice control module. If you choose a panel with a voice module, you can control devices through voice commands. Pandora panel can integrate a 4-channel switch module, functioning as a 4-channel relay panel for use with 120VAC~240VAC incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, neon lights/cold cathode tubes, etc. Each channel is equipped with a relay, with two channels supporting a maximum surge current of 10A for lighting fixtures, and the other two channels supporting a maximum surge current of 16A for lighting fixtures.


Border color : Sandblasted gray, sandblasted gold, sandblasted silver (optional) Border materials : Aluminum alloy Newsletter : S-Net Bus Protocol

Working current : Minimum 30mA, Maximum 840mA (low power); Minimum 80mA, Maximum 3A (high power) Temperature : 0°C~+65°C (+32F~+149F) Storage TEM : -20°C~+80°C (-4F~+176F)

Humidity : Non-condensing environment 10%~90% RH Installation : 76*76*50 Size : 86× 86× 30.05mm

Parameter file-panel-Pandora Series

Pandora-KP-spec 2024 / 03 / 01 1.02M

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