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This product is a high-performance professional switching device for audio and video signals. It supports 8X8 signal input and output, with TCP/IP network port and its own independent audio signal card. It is compatible with different signal type input/output signal cards for multiple signals. Input and output cross-switching, providing independent video signal and audio balanced/unbalanced input and output terminals. Each video signal, audio signal, audio and video signal is separately transmitted and switched separately to minimize signal transmission attenuation, image and sound signals. High fidelity output. It can be arbitrarily matched with the mixed card matrix input and output series signal cards. The signal cards that can be inserted and matched include: HDMI, DVI, VGA, SDI, HDBT remote signal card, seamless signal card (DVI/HDMI/SDI), 4Kx2K Signal card (HDMI/HDBT remote transmission/fiber OPTICAL), audio, etc., combined with different signal card functions can solve the problem of integrated audio and video.


User-friendly programmable function

Set the corresponding scene save and call according to the requirements.

Long-distance transmission capability

The HDBT port has a transmission resolution of up to 70 meters for 1080P signals and a resolution of 4Kx2K for signals up to 40 meters (CAT6).

Flexible audio processing

Stereo Audio cross-signal card 8x8, customizable stereo audio access port, audio independent signal card model supports audio/video separate switching.

Powerful compatibility

Thanks to the modular design, it integrates different signal cards and is compatible with HDTV, DVI, HDCP, HDCP1.2 HDCP 1.4, HDMI 1.3 standards, and the signal format supports SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, VGA (RGBHV), YPbPr, S-VIDEO, C-VIDEO, in line with HDMI1.4a standard, HDBT1.0 standard.

Diverse and flexible control methods

Support button panel control, RS232 control protocol and infrared control function, and can also customize the network control port according to user needs, which is convenient for customers to use with various control devices.

Powerful and flexible resolution adaptation

Thanks to the modular design, the integration of different signal cards, the input and output resolution can be arbitrarily matched, the input resolution is automatically recognized, the 1080P 3D signal is supported, and the highest resolution supports 4Kx2K.

Modular signal card design

Support HDMI, DVI, VGA, SDI, HDBT remote signal card, seamless signal (DVI/HDMI/SDI), 4Kx2K signal card (HDMI/HDBT remote/optical OPTICAL), any input/output signal card in audio, And can be arbitrarily matched to improve system flexibility.


Hot plug : board not, signal port support Protocol processing : EDID learning function HDCP : automatic / manual

Agreement type : TCP/IP Consumption : Up to 60W Power : AC100V~240V,50/60Hz

Weight : 3Kg Temperature : -10~+40°C Operating HUM : 10%~90%

Material : metal shell Carton size : 483*320*88mm

Traditional matrix-mixed matrix

SDR-MIX88A-N Hybrid Card Matrix Switcher 2019 / 04 / 15 2.34M

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