Intercom series
Intercom in the building The outside door intercom
Edge control series Touch screen series Module series Software platform
Hotel management software Public area lighting system
Edge data center station
Host series Panel series
Pandora panel Intelligent power panel EWIG series MARS series BVL series PM2.5
Traditional matrix Distributed matrix
Encoder Node controller Decoder
Infrared Detectors


Operating system

Android 10.0

Main function introduction

SCHIDERON TPS-1303M is an oversized touchscreen with a flat and sleek design, suitable for various applications such as smart buildings, smart factories, smart education, and smart transportation. It is ideal for use in homes, bookstores, factories, airports, hotels, conference rooms, classrooms, courtrooms, and other spaces. This touchscreen integrates smart home systems, smart building systems, smart education systems, smart transportation systems, and hotel management systems into one, reducing the space waste and clutter caused by traditional control panels and wall switches.

Control content is arbitrarily written

SCHIDERON TPS-1303M can be configured to edit control interfaces and content according to specific requirements. The intuitive and convenient controls, along with icons, provide real-time feedback signals and display current statuses, making modern high-end living simple yet splendid. It centralizes various control methods, including independent control, multiple combinations, and scene modes, all on a single touch screen.


Display : 13.3 Temperature : -10°C~+50°C Operating HUM : 20%~85%

Material : Fire-resistant polycarbonate (PC) Size : 358.5mm*200mm*30.5mm

Parameter file - touch screen series

TPS-1303M-spec 2024 / 03 / 01 2.00M

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