Intercom series
Intercom in the building The outside door intercom
Edge control series Touch screen series Module series Software platform
Hotel management software Public area lighting system
Edge data center station
Host series Panel series
Pandora panel Intelligent power panel EWIG series MARS series BVL series PM2.5
Traditional matrix Distributed matrix
Encoder Node controller Decoder
Infrared Detectors


With the development of the social service industry, the hotel industry also has higher requirements on the service quality and management capabilities it provides. HRMS is designed for this purpose. This system can improve the hotel room management level, simplify a lot of tedious work, can effectively save manpower and material resources, and can accurately carry out statistics and calculations to avoid errors caused by manual statistics or calculations. To ensure the effective and orderly conduct of hotel room management. The HRMS system is a web application program that provides users with hotel room management and room intelligent control. It configures and manages guest rooms, and intelligently controls devices, providing users with convenient and intelligent management.

Description of HRMS usage

HRMS instructions 2019 / 05 / 07 4.52M

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