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SDR-HUB-8 is a device used for multi-channel S-Net bus communication or multi-channel RS-485 bus communication. Each port implements high-speed detection, and the communication direction and baud rate are adaptive. The device adopts a multi-master structure and has a split /Isolated eight buses, supporting any receiving/transmitting communication of multi-master devices. Self-contained LED display, automatic refresh display is progressing The port for data exchange. This device can be cascaded to form an exchange of more buses.


Port status display

The device has its own LED display, which automatically refreshes the status of the communication port, and supports the display port to be in normal standby without data transmission and reception status (--), and receive data status (port). No.), bus fault status (port number flashes and buzzer alarm).

Fault self-isolation self-recovery

The port is automatically detected, and the damage of a single branch does not affect the communication of other branches, and the path is automatically isolated. The system automatically detects the damaged branch periodically, when it is detected When the branch is normal, it will be automatically restored.

Single signal isolation

The internal hardware isolation mode realizes signal isolation between the eight ports, thereby supporting the free exchange of the advanced first-generation principle and the bus connection of the star connection.

High-speed exchange of communication data

The ASIC is used to implement soft switching, so that each port can be switched at a high speed, and the hardware can be soft-switched. The communication direction and baud rate support adaptive.


Storage HUM : 32°to 104°F HUM range : 32°to 104°F Placeholder : 10P DIN module space

NET protocol : S-Net,RS-485 Consumption : 12VDC / 500mA,6W Terminals : PA66

Baud rate : Adaptive baud rate Weight : 291g (single unit) Material : Metal shell galvanized sheet

Installation : Screw fixing Size : 178*75*25mm

Parameter file - control module series

SDR-HUB-8 Simplified 2018 / 12 / 14 1.25M

SDR-HUB-8 Traditional 2018 / 12 / 14 1.06M

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