Upload service information

Cleanroom/Do not disturb or more room status is also transmitted to the floor management station via local area network. Service personnel can understand the status of the room in real time and master the needs of the guests. Guests can not see the waiter, but they can feel the attention at all times and reach all directions. The premium service. The administrator can also perform remote control according to the operating conditions of the guest rooms, and manually adjust it according to the graphical interface.

Withdrawable accessories

As a network board accessory of HRMS-RCU-IO-01, it adopts plug-in design, which is easy to expand and easy to install; it does not affect the normal use of HRMS-RCU-IO01 after extraction, and supports offline operation. It can be used in budget hotel rooms.

Centralized design system

The device is designed for MCU pure hardware architecture and has local data processing and channel control. The overall power consumption of the module is low and the task is handled in a timely manner. Single board implementation Data transfer and function control of the entire device, data instruction transmission and execution efficiency.

Centralized control

Connect the electrical devices connected to the HRMS-RCU-IO-01, such as lighting, air conditioning temperature, electric curtains, air conditioning and security, to form a whole, and upload the collected information to the HRMS room control management system. Analytical processing.


Aisle : RS-485 Agreement type : S-Net Learning : MAX1.2 MHz

Terminals : PA66 Weight : 105g Temperature : 32°to 104°F

Storage TEM : 0℃~40℃ Humidity : 10%~90% RH Installation : Plug-in installation

Size : 90*70(mm)


HRMS-RCU-MAIN-01 is an accessory component of RCU controller HRMS-RCU-IO-01. It provides network, 2-channel IR unidirectional, 2-channel RS485 and 1-channel RS232 expansion interface for RCU, supporting economical and common type. Room control and high-end room video control. The device can collect the current status of the lights, air conditioners, sockets, and room panels of the RCU controller HRMS-RCU-IO-01 and upload it to the HRMS system through the network. The guest control center communicates with each room's HRMS-RCUMAIN-01 via HRMS in the form of a network. Realize the regulation and control of air-conditioning, and achieve fraudulent loading mode, vacant mode, waiting for rental mode. All rooms and guest control center HRMS platforms are connected using a TCP/IP LAN communication topology, and real-time communication control systems for guest rooms are formed using proprietary network communication protocols and network communication formats. The HRMS platform of the guest control center is based on the API/OPC communication protocol to connect with the PMS system and the IBMS system, and uses the communication protocol determined by both parties to control room status data exchange and obtain the room status via HRMS-RCU-MAIN-01.

Parameter file - hotel module series

HRMS-RCU-MAIN-01(Simplified Chinese) 2018 / 06 / 15 791.65K

HRMS-RCU-MAIN-01(Traditional Chinese) 2018 / 07 / 19 1.07M



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