Intercom series
Intercom in the building The outside door intercom
Edge control series Touch screen series Module series Software platform
Hotel management software Public area lighting system
Edge data center station
Host series Panel series
Pandora panel Intelligent power panel EWIG series MARS series BVL series PM2.5
Traditional matrix Distributed matrix
Encoder Node controller Decoder
Infrared Detectors


xPRO3 is an industrial-grade central control host that can be applied to scenarios such as smart buildings, smart factories, smart education, smart transportation, etc., DIN rail installation. The host system can carry out customized integrated management and control of products of different brands and models that support RS485 or LAN control, making the operation more humane, more environmentally friendly and more efficient.


Operating system

The operating system is Linux, which makes the work processing speed faster and more stable; the working life can be up to 10 years without power.

Centralized control of APP

SCHIDERON UControl is an IP-based control system. This system exerts huge new possibilities, controlling and monitoring through LAN, WAN integrated system and Internet. And this APP supports more control methods, your world is in your control! You can use iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ devices to control any device system that is connected at any time and anywhere.

Watchdog function

The device has a hardware and software watchdog function, and the watchdog command has the highest priority in the interrupt of the program. Check the internal conditions of the chip regularly, and send an automatic reset signal to the chip once an error occurs to avoid the program from entering an endless loop.

Programmable customization

Provide high-speed, multi-tasking system. Programmable customized architecture allows programmers to independently develop and run specific programs for lighting, HVAC, security, audio and video and other equipment. The system is upgraded through remote network operation, which greatly improves the efficiency of customization.

DIN rail mounting

Flexible installation and application of "modular" equipment in actual environments In the system, the system supports standard 35mm DIN rail installation. DIN rail installation provides a very space-saving, cost-effective, and fully automated system modular solution.


Storage HUM : -40~85℃(-40~185℉) System : Linux CPU : 4-core A9, the highest frequency is 1.4GHz

Ethernet port : 10/100Mbps, support AUTO MDI/MDIX Terminals : PA66, fire rating UL94-V0 level 5VA (2.0mm), high temperature resistance Weight : 230g

Temperature : -40~85℃(-40~185℉) Operating HUM : 20%~90% RH (无凝露) Storage TEM : -40~85℃(-40~185℉)

Parameter file-Edge control series

XPRO3 parameter file (simplified) 2020 / 08 / 14 3.73M

XPRO3 parameter file (Traditional) 2020 / 08 / 14 3.72M

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