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4-way 5A thyristor dimming module (DIN100-4DIM5) is used for front-phase low voltage (ELV) lamps, incandescent lamps (INC), neon/cold-cathode tubes (Neon/CC), electromagnetic low-voltage lights (MLV) and other lighting fixtures perform leading-edge phase dimming control. The maximum load current of a single channel is 5A, and the maximum current capacity of all circuits of the module is 5A.


Isolated input/output channels

1 channel input, 4 channel output. The control of each channel loop can be configured via software. The maximum load current of a single channel is 3A, and the maximum load current of all loops of the module is 5A.

Centralized control

The module can be managed visually and centrally through SCHIDERON Intelligent Lighting Management System (LMS). The data of each channel in the module can be uploaded into the intelligent lighting management system for module data management and status analysis. Scene management is to pre-set the time for the module through the LMS, and then open the corresponding scene mode, to open all or part of the module loop.

DIN rail mounting

“Modular” equipment is flexibly installed and applied in the actual environment. The system is equipped with standard 35mm DIN rail mounting, providing convenient installation and maintenance for users.

S-Net bus modular design

The module is designed for the MCU pure hardware architecture and has local data processing and channel control. The overall power consumption of the module is low and the task processing is timely. The module communicates via the bus to ensure the stability and reliability of data transmission. Each module has a corresponding physical address. The DIP dialer can be used to set the address of the module to ensure that each module can operate correctly and accurately receive and execute commands transmitted from the bus.

Relay cutoff and output limit

The module comes with a relay in each circuit to ensure that the circuit can be completely shut down. The minimum and maximum brightness can be set by software.

Zero crossing detection

The module has a single-phase zero-crossing detection circuit. The proprietary zero-crossing filter technology allows each open/close action of the module relay to be at zero frequency crossing. Points, thereby extending the life of the module, reducing the flickering of lighting fixtures, compensating for circuit voltage and frequency fluctuations.


Agreement type : S-Net Border materials : Environmental protection fire ABS, UL94-V0, temperature resistance Placeholder : 10P DIN module space (180mm)

Consumption : 24VDC / 80mA,1.92W Terminals : PA66, UL94-V0, high temperature resistance Temperature : 0°to 40°C

Storage TEM : 0℃~40℃ Humidity : 10% to 90% Installation : DIN rail mounting

Size : 180*87*63(mm)

Module Installation Instructions - Home Improvement Module Series

DIN100-4DIM5-Simplified 2018 / 06 / 28 699.12K

Parameter File - Home Module Series

DIN100-4DIM5(Simplified Chinese) 2018 / 06 / 15 1.06M

DIN100-4DIM5(Traditional Chinese) 2018 / 07 / 19 1.06M

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