Operating system


Centralized control of APP

SCHIDERON UControl is an IP-based control system that opens up tremendous new possibilities, allowing control and monitoring through LAN, wide-area network integration, and the Internet. This app supports multiple control methods, giving you control over your world! You can control any connected device system at any time, from anywhere, using iPhone®, iPad®, and AndroidTM devices.

Data management

Upload all data from the access modules of the smart lighting system, smart home system, and guest room management system (including circuit status, energy consumption information, etc.) to the intelligent central control management system. This allows for efficient processing of resource data leveraging powerful backend processing capabilities, particularly in applications such as enterprise management, school classrooms, conference broadcasting rooms, serving as a centralized point for data transmission."

Communication transmission

The device functions as a converter between S-Net communication and TCP/IP communication. It serves as an intermediary device between the intelligent central control management system and other regulating control devices. Configuration and functional settings for the device can be performed through PC control software.

DIN rail mounting

The 'modular' device allows for flexible installation and application in real-world environments. The system supports standard 35mm DIN rail installation, providing a space-saving, cost-effective, and modular solution for configuring and using automated complete systems.


Agreement type : Support for the BACnet MS/TP protocol is primarily used for data communication in building automation and the HVAC industry. It facilitates communication between devices such as fans, pumps, and ventilation systems with PLC, enabling buildings to achieve a high level of automation. FLASH : 4GB Placeholder : 10P

CPU : Single-core TER explain : PA66 Flame-retardant rating UL94-V0, 5VA (2.0mm), High-temperature resistant RAM : 512MB

Parameter file-Edge control series

SMART-CORE-X200-spec 2024 / 03 / 01 1.35M



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