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SDR-PWM-04 is a 4-way dimming module using PWM dimming mode. It is used in smart home systems, room management systems and intelligent lighting systems. It is a device for adjusting the brightness of LED lamps widely used in the market. One. SDR-PWM-04 has 0-100% 256-order brightness adjustment capability, directly driving all 12-48VDC LED light sources on the market, no lamp source matching problem and stroboscopic phenomenon. The total output of the four circuits is up to 16A, and each circuit has a maximum output of 4A, supporting multiple independent protection functions.


Multiple protection features

The module provides a variety of protection features, including input overvoltage protection, output short circuit protection, load overload protection, module over temperature protection, and surge protection. The single loop supports independent short circuit, overload, and surge protection. When the load is overloaded, the corresponding loop output will be cut off.

PWM dimming

The module adopts PWM high-frequency dimming mode, no stroboscopic phenomenon, and 256-order brightness adjustment ability to create a smooth and delicate dimming effect. The total output of the four circuits can reach 16A, and the maximum output of each circuit is 4A.

Modular design

The module is designed for MCU pure hardware architecture, with local data processing and channel control, and supports local dry contact signal input control. The overall power consumption of the module is low and the task processing is timely.

Centralized control

The module can be connected to the SCHIDERON central control unit and integrated into a large light control lighting system and a remote intelligent control system. It can be extended to the intelligent lighting management system (LMS) for centralized and centralized management. The data of each channel in the module can be uploaded to the intelligent lighting management system for module data management and status analysis.


PWM frequency : 16KHz Agreement type : RS485,Modbus-RTU Control channel : 4-channel PWM output, up to 4A per...

Load type : LED light source Consumption : 12-48V DC Terminals : PA66

Temperature : 0~45℃ Material : Iron box metal case Installation : Screw fixing

Size : 118*83*29mm

Parameter file - control module series

SDR-PWM-04-Simplified 2019 / 04 / 16 1001.95K

SDR-PWM-04-Traditional 2019 / 04 / 16 1022.49K

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