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The EWIG series of key panels is a standard, cost-effective smart keypad panel solution provided by SCHIDERON. Knob temperature control panel is one of the standard specifications provided by SCHIDERON for control and air conditioning, geothermal and PM2.5 system energy saving control solutions; and can be configured for different users according to different types of air conditioning operating modes, air conditioning, geothermal, PM2.5 system can be freely controlled. It adopts an integrated customized design, the appearance is more concise and noble, the knob can be carved transparent and using marquee design to display real-time control status. And has a configurable intelligent knob, can be very easy to install in the special bottom box, safe voltage knob temperature control panel device is very easy Mounted on the wall as part of a complete intelligent control system. This button panel also provides a variety of different colors and styles of metal frame for different occasions or personal use, EWIG-KP02-AL is one of the EWIG series of products, in line with the needs of customization. EWIG series panels are popular with designers and are widely used in various hotel and smart home projects.


Main function introduction

1. Dimming, switching, scene control and display through I0 port;
2. Temperature accuracy can be adjusted by tools, temperature acquisition accuracy of 0.1 degrees;
3. Color display temperature, mode, wind speed, set different modes or temperatures, the picture shows The color can change automatically: heating - red, cooling - blue, air supply + dehumidification - no color.

The installation method is simple and universa

The single-sided panel is mounted on a standard dedicated 86 back box to make the panels more neatly installed.


TEM accuracy : 0.1℃ Border color : Grey/Silver/Gold Border materials : Aluminum alloy material

keypad : 1 stepless knob Display : Color OLED TER explain : PA66

Power : 5~24VDC Newsletter : S-Net Temperature : 0°to 45°C

Storage TEM : 0℃~50℃ Humidity : 10%~90% RH Installation : Standard bottom box

Size : 86*86*44.8(mm)

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