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SDR-ETH-COM2 is one of the media devices provided by SCHIDERON to expand the intelligent lighting system, smart home system and guest room control system through the network. The serial port to TCP/UDP transmission function integrated in the device can connect the control device to the control system through the network, providing a free and flexible way for system expansion and device control access. The entire data transmission and device control are in line with the latest industry industry standards. The two serial ports of the device are independent of each other, support RS485/422/232, and provide multiple serial port baud rates to choose from. The device has electrostatic protection capability in terms of safety, and adopts power supply anti-reverse anti-surge design and network port protection electromagnetic isolation technology.


Independent dual serial port

SDR-ETH-COM2 has two serial ports that work independently of each other. The port number can be used to distinguish the serial port connected to the device. Each independent serial port supports RS485/RS422/RS232 mode, and the mode can be directly and conveniently selected by dialing the code dialer.

Communication conversion

SDR-ETH-COM2 integrates serial port to TCP/UDP transmission function to convert RS485/232 serial port data and network message to each other. Support for Modbus gateways.

System expansion

SDR-ETH-COM2 enables non-networking devices to gain access to the network, thereby greatly expanding the control system through network media, providing a free and flexible way for system expansion and device control access.

Centralized control of APP

The SDR-ETH-COM2 network interacts with the SCHIDERON central control host. The control data of the device connected to the serial port is sent by the central control host. The status data is uploaded to the central control host to implement centralized control of the device. Support for cloud control through a central control panel system.


Agreement type : RS-485/RS-422/RS-232 Power : 24VDC Terminals : PA66

Baud rate : Support multiple specifications Temperature : -40~85℃ Operating HUM : 5%~95% RH

Storage TEM : -45~105℃ Material : metal shell Humidity : 5%~95% RH

Installation : Screw fixing Size : 150*79*30mm

Parameter file - control module series

SDR-ETH-COM2-Simplified 2019 / 04 / 16 1.02M

SDR-ETH-COM2-Traditional 2019 / 04 / 16 1.07M

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