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This product is a dual network port node controller that can automatically search and display the codec in the system and perform operations, such as short-matrix switching between different signal sources. The device can be accessed through a web browser or Telnet client. Manage control with the original third-party control device.


Convenient configuration

Visual configuration parameters, control and management through the WEB configuration interface.

Automatic discovery of network device functions

You can automatically search and display the codecs in your system and perform operations.

Dual Ethernet port design

Support dual network, one for the device side, connected to the media network; one for the control side, connected to the control network.

Diverse and flexible control methods

Support Ethernet Telnet API, Web, RS232 control protocol. Matrix switching between input and output nodes.


Hot backup : support Signal output method : 2* Ethernet, 2*RS232 Agreement type : HTTP,TCP/IP

Consumption : 4.4W Power : DC12V 0.37A Temperature : 0 ~ +45°C

Operating HUM : 10% ~ 90% Material : metal shell Carton size : 70*250*80mm

Distributed-node controller

SDR-DPNC node controller 2019 / 07 / 26 1.60M

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